Indiana Furnace Repair Q&A

Q: What type of filters should I use with my Indiana furnace?
A: We recommend 5-inch media filters for furnaces in Indiana. In some situations, these filters are not an option. See an upcoming video for different types of filters we recommend.

Q: How often should I change my furnace filter when there is construction going on in my Indiana home?
A: Check your filter weekly. A dirty filter can cause damage to your system. This can also immediately shut off your heat.

Q: Which type of unit is better for heating in Indiana? Gas furnaces or electric?
A: This is a personal preference. Some people in Indiana prefer gas furnaces since electric heat does not come out as hot.

Q: I live in Indiana where it is humid in the summer and dry in the winter. Should I clean my ductwork? Will that help my furnace?
A: Cleaning ductwork depends on the home. When our heating and cooling expert is in your home, ask their opinion regarding your duct work.

Q: Should I have the fan running all the time with my furnace in an Indiana home?
A: Yes. Many people are concerned this will increase utility costs, however, there is more energy used to start and stop a system than to run one all the time. Also, starting and stopping the system frequently can wear faster.

Q: Why is my furnace thermostat blank?
A: There are many different reasons this can happen. Contact us to investigate this issue.

Q: How often should I have my furnace cleaned?
A: Furnace manufacturers recommend this be done annually by a professional.

Q: Why do I need to have my furnace cleaned?
A: It is recommended your furnace be cleaned to be sure it is running at manufacturer specifications. The furnace has safety components that need checked as well.

Q: What else will the heating technician do when he checks my furnace?
A: The technician has a checklist he will perform and share results and recommendations with you.

Q: I have an electric furnace. When the air comes out of the vent, it sometimes feels cooler than I think it should. Is that normal?
A: Most electric furnaces have a heat pump attached and this does not release air that feels as warm to the touch.

Q: When my furnace is running, why does my home feel warmer upstairs than it does downstairs?
A: Most often this has to do with the ductwork design. Many homes do not have enough cold air returns.

Q: If I need service on my furnace on a holiday or weekend, would the technician on call have the parts to fix it?
A: Our technicians try to carry as many universal parts as possible.