Career Development

We know our people are our number one asset. That’s why we choose to invest in their continued growth and development. The more we invest in our employees, the better we are as a company. R.T. Moore is committed to the training and development of our employees through programs that fit every role from Apprentice to CEO. From classroom training to on the job field training, we have it all. Check out some of our training programs below.

The vision of LAUNCH is to accelerate learning and skills to produce competent and capable plumbers who can thrive in RTMC’s piece rate system and culture. LAUNCH is intended to complement the state apprenticeship and licensing program. The LAUNCH training program is centered on a dedicated trainer who teaches the trainees how to install plumbing per RTMC Quality Standards. The program’s trainees are taught in a manner that allows them to be efficient and maximize their piece rate opportunities. Additionally, every aspect of a plumbing job has been broken down into individual modules that are trained and then certified. To earn certifications, the trainee not only has to complete the installation or activity per the RTMC Quality Standards but also has to do so in a set amount of time designated for that piece of installation of activity.

Elevate! It’s the perfect word to describe the development opportunity designed specifically for field superintendents.

Elevate equips field superintendents with the skills and tools needed to ensure a smooth transition into leadership, or for those already serving as field superintendents, ongoing development.

Elevate is designed to provide comprehensive technical, technology, and leadership training.

Field superintendents are central to the success of every project. Our success is enhanced by how we lead, train and coach people, manage material and equipment, and communicate with both our customers and internal production teams.

R.T. Moore is proud to make this investment in our people. Our goal is to elevate and improve in every way to ensure that all projects are exceptional for both the customer and the R. T. Moore Company.


We believe that developing and promoting leadership from within is our best path to increasing our depth of leadership. LEAD Strong is R.T. Moore’s own leadership training and development program that will help us grow our current and future leaders. LEAD Strong is an investment in our people so we can achieve our vision of healthy growth, being the best place to work, achieving budget percentages and ensuring company success for many generations to come.