Technology – Multifamily

R.T. Moore Company strongly believes a successful project begins with proper planning and coordination before we arrive on site.

R.T. Moore provides in-house Engineering, CAD, and 3D Building Information Modeling Expertise. We currently utilize Revit and AutoCAD to quickly identify areas in framing, structural, and trade overlays that would affect the plumbing and HVAC layout. Revit allows us to have interactive and custom material schedules and is capable of providing HVAC and Plumbing design load calculations to verify that the systems will work as designed.

Through the use of Navisworks software, we use our 3D visualization of the complete project to allow our customers, our crews, and other trades to see the finished project and understand the vision of how the systems are to be designed and installed. The use of Navisworks also allows each trade to import their 3D individual models into one platform to perform interference management and a visualization of the product to help minimize problems in the field.

Additionally, we use Trimble on all Multifamily project to cut down on layout time and errors. Trimble is used with Revit and AutoCAD to create exact point locations to be marked in the field.

We recognize that one of the greatest values of BIM is its potential to reduce re-work, reduce material waste, increase productivity, reduce errors, and improve quality of work. The software we use provides detailed information and the ability to quickly repeat similar areas of plumbing and HVAC. This all cuts down the amount of time it takes for the CAD department to created usable plans for the field, and this translates to reduce costs to our customers.